I Need YOU!!! Ideas for next personal art projects?

Me <3

Dandelion Photography

Journey Drawing - Photoshop

Custom Made Journey Plugs - Size 00

AP Graphic Design Project

AP Graphic Design Project (Me and My Fiance)

Link (Unfinished) - Photoshop Drawing

Clay Figure - L from Deathnote Chibi

Link and Pikachu Clay Figures

Lightning Pencil Sketch

Megaman Chibi - Clay Figure

Hey there guys!
So I'm trying to think of an awesome new art project for me to work on.

Maybe drawing a character from a video game? Or making up my own character? Tattoo design, or a completley different type of project!

Gimme some ideas!!!

(Posted a few examples of my artwork on here as well so you can see kinda what I do :)

Sorry many of them aren't completed, for some reason I never saved images of alot of my work, and no longer have them :(

Thanks lovelies!

- Nicole -RPGAnomaly

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  1. rockettomarzolf


    January 15, 2014
    1. rpganomaly


      January 16, 2014
  2. mariannekmoore

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