Is Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Worth It?


So today I am asking the question.

Is buying Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Final Mix for Playstation 3 worth it?

Now I don't own the game, so I want to ask all of you reading what your opinon is.

I beat Disney and Squaresoft's Kingdom Hearts on my trusty old  Ps2 and the game was already amazing. The music, the graphics (for a Ps2 anyways), the connection to the characters, the story... I know the graphics was apparently updated in 1.5 but is it good enough to an extent that you'd pay 40$ for the Ps3 version (maybe a bit cheaper depending on where you buy it and if it is used or not)?! Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is also on there, and the cinema portion from the Nintendo DS game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

The original first game is among the best.. I mean I have the music Dearly Beloved, Sanctuary (From Kingdom Hearts 2), and even Dubstep versions of Utada Hikaru's music on my phone. I have a personal theme that's Kingdom Hearts based on my jailbroken Ipad. And I even have 3 or more tshirts with art from the game on them! (Also thinking of trying to collect these little figures: Except the entire set of course:)

So I guess my main question is: Is this game mostly a collector's item, or is it worth it to purchase and play through all over again?

You tell me! What's your opinion?!

Thanks guys! Enjoy your day!

- RPGAnomaly

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