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Legend of Mana

Pixel Junk Monsters

Rogue Galaxy

Hey everyone!!!! Sorry to not have posted in SUCH a long time! I've been super busy... Just got a new job, just bought a new car.. (finally).. but as always... Been playing some awesome games!!!

Here's what I've been up to lately!


Final Fantasy X Remaster - PS3. I don't really know what to say. It was beautiful. One of the only games that almost brought me to tears at the end!... Almost. Started playing FFX-2.. and it's a VERY big change... it's very much aimed towards females, it's time based combat, not very traditional final fantasy feel.. but hopefully if I keep giving it a chance, I'll warm up to it.


Legend of Mana - PS1. How have I never heard of this game until now. The music. The characters. The nostalgic graphics. I'm in love! Only a couple of hours in so far, so don't spoil anything for me please! :D


Pixel Junk Monsters - XBox. This isn't a very popular game. But I have it on my new Nvidia Shield. And it's very addicting. Every night I try to beat another level before falling asleep. If you're looking for an awesome game jsut to pass some time then this is the one for you!!!!


Another game I am currently playing is Rogue Galaxy - PS2. This is my all time favorite game that really introduced me to the gaming world. To be honest, I'm not even going to bother trying to explain it. Just play it. It's a hidden treasure that not many people have heard of. Sad to say I never beat it when I started about 5 years ago, which is why I'm restarting it now :)


So what have you guys been playing? Any good game recommendations for me? Or have you played any of the ones I have mentioned!

Please comment! I love talking about gaming!!!

- Nicole (RPGAnomaly)

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  1. chandlercatching17

    That Is Such Awesome Pics I Love Them

    May 09, 2014