Looking for a Sick Gaming Tablet? I've Found One for You!

Yes, I have found an Android tablet.. that looks like a Wii U controller. 

The JXD S7300 !!!

You have to order it online from China, but it is SO worth the buy!


It is built for running emulators such as N64oid, ePSXe, GBAoid, GBCoid, SGNES, NESoid, and even DS and PSP emulators work! ( DrasticDS and PPSSPP) The stock emulators are aweful, I highly recommend using the ones I just mentioned.


It has a 7 inch touch screen in the center and then a gamepad with mappable keys. It also comes pre-rooted (Awwe yeah!) It works just like any other tablet, except it's bult around gaming. You can download apps off the Google Play store, use the internet yatta yatta. Even Google Play games can have the on screen buttons mapped so that you can use the buttons and controls on the tablet!


I abosolutlely love my JXD tablet (I got the black version). Here's the link of where to buy one:



The only factors that really stink about it, is about 3 hour battery life, and the tablet gets REALLY warm. But hey, I am playing OOT, tomb raider, parasite eve, Mario Kart, Crisis Core, New Super Mario Bros... they all run flawlessy once you get it all set up properly!


(Also you will be able to show off to all your gamer friends, because almost no one has this tablet in America haha)


Here's a link to view more specs: 



So yeah! Just thought I would share! Let me know what you think and your opinions!

Also you can ask me any questions about it if you'd like!




- Nicole (RPGAnomaly)

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Comments (7)

  1. chandlercatching17

    That Looks Amazing I Love It

    April 30, 2014
  2. VivaHate

    Nvidea’s Shield looks cool

    May 02, 2014
    1. rpganomaly

      Hey! I haven’t been on here in a LONG time… nd unfortunatley I bricked my JXD tablet. haha So I went out and bought the Nvidia Shield. ABSOLUTE BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!!! It is WAY better than the JXD! I am absolutely in love

      May 05, 2014
      1. VivaHate

        Do you stream games from your pc or do you play mostly android games?

        May 06, 2014
        1. rpganomaly

          Unfortunately I don’t have the proper graphics card for game streaming, I need to save up a bit and get a GeForce card. But I play mostly emulators as of right now. The shield works FLAWLESSLY with PS1, PSP, N64, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, and DS emulators :P I have a 64 gb card so I have hundreds of games. I think I’ll be keeping the Shield forever lol

          May 06, 2014
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  4. VivaHate

    Quite a few years ago I was looking for something portable, instead I bought a cheap netbook from amazon (think it was an acer one aspire). With it I played tons of older games including rpgs like Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale. I recommend gog.com for cheap games that can be played on most low end pcs!

    May 02, 2014
  5. alexanderedge

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    November 10, 2016