New Ps3 Games for a New Year :)

New Ps3 Games for a New Year :)

So yesterday I sold my 3DS because I'd much rather focus on my Ps3 console than a little Nintendo handheld.

So I took that money and went to immediately get some new games!

Here's what I got: 

(you'd be surprised at the good games you can find for cheap at GameStop on the used shelf!)

- Journey Collector's Edition (WHICH IS AMAZING, I've beaten Journey 8 times and now I have it on disk with Flow and Flower!)

- White Knights Chronicles (I chose this on an impulse because it is by one of my favorite game companies, Level 5. Level 5 introduced me to the RPG world through their game Rogue Galaxy for the Ps2, so I figured for $7, mine as well try it out!)

- El Shaddai (I honestly have no idea what this game is, but it looks like a very artistic game, which are always the best ones to me!)

- Dragon Age: Origins (I just started playing this game, got maybe 2 hours in, and made my fiance go out and buy it as well becasue it was just that good!)

- Ni no Kuni (Confession: It just looks really stinki'n cute! Also heard it's among the best games from 2013 so playing this game is definitley in my near future!)

- Final Fantasy XIII (Just bought it, and am in love with Vanille haha! The graphics are really nice in the game, this is probably the first Final Fantasy game I will actually play the entirety of and beat :)

If you ask me why I am not just putting this money towards a Ps4, my answer is this:

- Not enough games are out for it yet

-Still in love with the old console (Just recently got my first Ps3 in October and I am obsessed, I have too many more games to play before moving up to Ps4)

- Many more games to come with Ps3! (Such as Dark Souls 2, FF Lightning Returns, Tales of Xillia 2 ((Hoping to beat the first one soon haha)), etc.)


I have quite a few games I am currently playing:

- Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (Free on Psn Store, I RECCOMMEND!)

- Tekken Revolutions (Also Free on Psn Store!!! I RECCOMMEND!)

- Beyond Two Souls

- Defiance

- Assassin's Creed III

- Terraria

- Final Fantasy XIII

- Dragon Age: Origins

- DC Universe (Also free to play on Psn Store)

- Journey (Will always be playing this haha! Just got my white robes yesterday!)

Me and my fiance just bought Resident Evil 5 yesterday so we are hoping to start that soon! It will be my first Res game!!! Wish me luck! (I am quite a baby with scary games :,( I have beaten Clocktower 3 and am in the middle of playing Haunting Grounds with my friend Frankie. And that's about it! I've attempted 3 different Silent Hill games and just can't bring myself to play them! Hahaha!)


So yeah! There you have it! I'm hoping to be plowing through these games ASAP! My obessive gaming will at least make it easier while im waiting to hear back for a job from all of my applications :)

Let me know what games you have been playing or if you reccommend anything!!!


- Nicole

- Psn: RPGAnomaly (You can friend me, just make sure in the request you say that you are from Thoughts :)

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